The Ultimate List of Ergonomic Desk Accessories

You’ve got a desk, computer, pens, a notepad, and a cup of coffee. Sounds like you’re all ready to get to work, right? Well, actually, there are a few essential items that we think you might be missing!

A lot of people forget about ergonomic design when setting up their workspace. Maybe you’ve started a new job, and they gave you a simple desk area to work with. You can still get an awesome ergonomic setup by just adding a few small accessories. Here is our list of essential items.

1. Dual Monitor Mount

If you don’t already have two computer monitors, you should. And once you have two monitors, a dual monitor mount is a must. Dual monitors have been proven to provide an increase in productivity and efficiency, and having the right mount can allow you to move and adjust the screens to the ergonomic viewing angle that is best for you.


2. Keyboard Mount

Resting your wrists in a proper, ergonomic position is vital to combat injuries and diseases caused from typing, such as carpal tunnel. Keyboard trays are typically mounted under your desk and allow you to rest your wrists in a comfortable position.


3. Anti-Fatigue Mat

If you use a height adjustable desk, which is also highly recommended, then you definitely need an anti-fatigue mat. These mats are typically cushioned in order to take pressure off your feet and ankles. Some even come with raised grooves and ridges for added foot relief. Trust us, your legs and feet will thank you!


4. Laptop Stand

If you are a laptop user, it is very important that you raise your laptop to a proper viewing angle as well. There are several different stands out there to help you achieve that. It all depends on your preference.


Incorporating ergonomic office products into your everyday work setup will help you achieve a higher level of productivity and efficiency, all while helping reduce strain and fatigue on your muscles and joints. You can browse our product catalog for a variety of products so you can create your perfect office setup today!


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