It is important to us that you are fully satisfied with your product experience. We provide spare parts to ensure that your item is functioning to its fullest. Please contact our customer support team for spare part requests.

Yes, most of our products come with a warranty, and the term varies per item type. Please check the individual listing information to verify warranty status.

To properly measure the VESA pattern on the backside of you monitor, you will need to find the distance in millimeters of the screw holes horizontally and vertically.

To find your first measurement, you will need to measure the horizontal distance between the centers of the left and right side holes. To find your second measurement, measure the vertical distance between the top and bottom holes.


We ask that you please wait three additional business days beyond the expected delivery date to allow for any carrier delays.  After that time, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you further.

We ask that you kindly allow two (2) additional business days past the delivered scan as the carrier may have accidentally scanned the delivery too early.

Please be sure to check around for your package; some carriers leave packages in hidden places which can't always be seen.  Check to see if a neighbor may have picked up the package or if you live in an apartment, please check the central delivery location or with a manager of the building to see if they signed for the package on your behalf.

Please note, if the carrier does provide an image as proof of delivery and it is your home/business in the photo, we advise contacting your local authorities for assistance in the stolen property.  We are not held responsible for packages that are shown as successfully delivered.

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