How It Started

Beginning operations from his basement, VIVO’s founder started selling a wide variety of products and establishing sales at both wholesale and retail levels. After three years, the company mainly focused on electronic liquidation sales and needed more space to accommodate its rapid growth.


The Expansion

Moving operations to Goodfield, IL, the extra room allowed our innovative team to begin repairing and replacing laptop computer parts as an additional service. Seven years and five expansions later, the company had become the #1 replacement screen retailer in the U.S.


Becoming Great

We set out to become a market leader in many other product categories including office equipment and ergonomic products. Our team of creative professionals continues to turn great ideas into affordable solutions that improve your daily work experience.


We Care About Your Experience

We don't just sell products... we sell solutions for needs encountered in the workplace. Our prompt and friendly customer service will ensure those solutions work for you.

We Make It Easy

Our products are easily accessible to millions of office workers around the globe so that comfort and productivity can brighten your day and strengthen your career.

We Save You Money

Many ergonomic office solutions come at a high price. We use innovation, creativity, and efficiency to produce a more affordable solution that doesn't sacrifice quality.