Our History

Starting Point

With nothing more than a computer and basement storage, the founder and CEO started an ecommerce business in 2002 selling recreational equipment while finishing high school.

Quickly outgrowing the basement space, the business would to rapidly evolve over the next several years bringing the acquisition of warehouse space and working talent.

First Ergonomic Product

VIVO became an established office brand in 2012 in response to the limited options for affordable ergonomic solutions on the market. During that time, it was impossible to find an ergonomic monitor mount for under $100. Our founder felt strongly that quality ergonomic solutions should be affordable and available to everyday users.

From that point on VIVO has sought to fill that crucial need and provide more affordable ergonomics starting with a dual monitor mount that would eventually grow to the #1 best selling monitor mount in the US.

Expanded Product Categories

As the modern office space continued to evolve, individuals began seeking more ways to create a more active and healthy work life. With this came desk converters, a sit to stand solution that sits on existing stationary desks, giving them height adjustability. These new ergonomic products began growing in popularity, but were still out of reach for the everyday user because of cost. 

In response to this, VIVO launched its first desk converter in 2016, which quickly grew to become the #1 best selling standing desk online. VIVO has continued to expand its height adjustable desk collection to include full size electric height adjustable desks of all sizes.

First Patent

VIVO’s first patent was officially received in 2017 and continues to invest heavily in designing unique ergonomic solutions that do not exist yet on the market.

To date, VIVO has over 130 existing and pending patents that contribute to the innovation of office ergonomics across the world.   

Present Day
Where We're Going

VIVO continues to grow and push the bounds of office ergonomics with over 1000 unique products and warehouse operations across North America, Europe, East Asia, and Australia.