Our Company

It all started with a desire to build... to create... to improve, and to provide an affordable result that makes a difference in people’s lives. And that’s what we do! 

Beginning operations from his basement, VIVO’s founder started selling a wide variety of products and establishing sales at both wholesale and retail levels. After three years, the company mainly focused on electronic liquidation sales and needed more space to accommodate its rapid growth.


Moving operations to Goodfield, IL, the extra room allowed our innovative team to begin repairing and replacing laptop computer parts as an additional service. Seven years and five expansions later, the company had become the #1 replacement screen retailer.


We set out to become a market leader in many other product categories including office equipment and ergonomic products. Our team of creative professionals continues to turn great ideas into affordable solutions that improve your daily work experience.


We Save You Money.

Many ergonomic office solutions come at a high price. Our mission is to use innovation, creativity, and efficiency to produce a more affordable solution that doesn't sacrifice quality.

We Make It Easy.

We want our products to be easily accessible to the millions of office workers around the globe so that comfort and productivity can brighten your day and strengthen your career.

We Care About Your Experience.

We don't just sell products... we sell solutions for needs encountered in the workplace. Our prompt and friendly customer service will ensure those solutions work for you.


"VIVO is focused on customer satisfaction - everything we do, we do with the customer's best interest in mind." - Ashlyn M.

 What Do Customers Say?

View Product: DESK-V000V


“This was exactly what my sore back needed. Works great to stand & work relieving much of lower back pain and giving me an opportunity to change posture significantly while still working. I can't stand all day so it returns to sitting position with ease. I really love it. Quality for the price is excellent and assembly as easy.”

“This has definitely increased my comfort and productivity at my L shaped corner office desk. I'm impressed with the quality of the materials and the wrist rest!” 


View Product: MOUNT-KB03B

View Product: STAND-V002


“This is all metal, very well constructed and easy to put together. It does EXACTLY what I needed it to do and I now have two monitors in the air and off my desk, freeing up a LOT of space. This dual monitor stand is worth the cost. Many manufacturers have moved to cheap plastic parts and poor workmanship to squeeze out profits, putting the bottom line ahead of customer needs. Not these guys!”

“Everyone in the office wants this model. The height adjustments are perfect for everyone and the extra slot to hold a phone, tablet is awesome.” 

View Product: DESK-V000K


View Product: STAND-TV07W

“After a long search, this looked like it was going to do the job and it certainly does. I looked long and hard for a stand for my indoor bike monitor and this is exactly what I needed. The wheels made the final decision to choose the VIVO because it's easy to move away, won't scratch the wood floor, and makes it the perfect height. It's made a big difference to my indoor cycling over the winter.”