The Interesting History of Standing Desks

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If you’ve come to this blog, it’s likely that you currently work at a standing desk, or are thinking about getting one. Many people know about the benefits of using a height adjustable desk, but their knowledge of the product’s history is lacking.

Where It All Began

No one knows the EXACT date that the standing desk was invented, but they can be traced back all the way to the 1400’s with Leonardo Da Vinci. It’s been said that he came up with some of his most extravagant ideas while at a standing desk, including the armored car and flying machines. While Da Vinci was an early adopter of the standing desk trend, they really didn’t become popular until the 18th and 19th centuries. You would find them in the homes of the wealthy.

Notable Standing Desk Users

Thomas Jefferson: The 3rd American President is one of the most notable Americans to use a standing desk. He called it a “tall desk” and he designed his to have 6 peg legs for further stability. The top was slanted which allowed it to be adjusted as well. It is speculated that Jefferson spent time at his standing desk drawing architectural designs. The desk now resides in the State Department.

Ernest Hemingway: An interview with Hemingway revealed that he had made standing while writing a daily habit. He actually began using a standing desk because of an injury he had received in World War I. His editor had given him the standing desk tip, and Hemingway never looked back.

Standing Desk Fans Today

If you haven’t jumped on the standing desk trend, you might want to start. Reports claim that almost half of Facebook's employees use a standing desk every day. Google provides standing desk as a part of their wellness program. At VIVO, we all take advantage of our height adjustable desks, ergonomic mats, and dual monitors, to increase our productivity.

Standing desks are a growing company benefit in today’s society and it’s exciting to see how they will change and adapt over the next few years. Whether you are a current standing desk user or someone who is looking to make the leap, we are always happy to help you on your journey! You can check out our products at

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