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Adjusting To A Flexible Work Space

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Every company is on the hunt for a unique and productive office design that entices employees and keeps them happy and healthy. As technology changes and shifts in order to improve our lives, our offices should change with them.

The idea of a flexible office space is not new, but it may be a bit confusing to some. Essentially, a flexible office is one that is shared among everyone in the office. Every employee is free to sit where they want and be mobile during the workday. This concept has recently trumped the “open” office plan because it has been shown to foster better creativity and collaboration, while also allowing for privacy when someone wants it.

Unlike a traditional office, no employee has an assigned desk or “cubicle.” Everyone can sit where they want and move about the office when they feel they need a change of scenery. While that may not be practical for every office, there are ways to make the office environment more flexible and comfortable for everyone's needs.

Add Standing Desks Around The Office

Standing desks are a great way to get people up and moving. Even if not everyone has a permanent desk space, bringing in a few standing desk options will allow people to break up their routine in the office. Standing desks help blood circulation and allow for increased productivity. Your coworkers will thank you for implementing this flexible option.  

Create Quiet Spaces

When you have an open and flexible space, it can quickly create chaos in the office. With people moving about and collaborating on projects in a flexible space, it is really important to have a designated space for focused work. Many offices deem these spaces “Quiet Spaces,” and they are designated for employees to go when they need to really focus and block out noise.

Include Multiple Monitors Setups 

Many employees in a flexible office use a laptop, but you may want to consider adding stations with dual monitors as well. Dual monitors allow for better efficiency and can help when people are trying to collaborate. We suggest using monitor mounts that are adjustable so the monitors can be tilted and moved around when necessary. This not only allows for further flexibility, but it also fosters collaboration and creativity.

Add Mobile Workstations

While some employees may enjoy standing desks, others might prefer to be even more mobile while working. A variety of mobile workstations exist on the market, and they are perfect for laptop users. Having workstation mobility around your office space will allow teams to move locations quickly and easily as well as create a dynamic office environment.

It’s important to remember that every employee has different needs, and creating a comfortable space for them will help them feel valued and appreciated. Whether you’re looking for a fully flexible co-working space or just to integrate some flexibility into your current office, using some of the tips mentioned will help you achieve an ideal environment.

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